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Kitten Valentine Mask

Hello and welcome to my mask making shop - Smile with your Eyes by Dolly Valentine! I am determined to make this time in your life a little less daunting by providing high quality and comfortable masks by using the best fabrics around!

All masks are handmade by myself in Western NY. 

This listing is for one mask in your choice of size. Please note pattern placement and elastic color may vary from sample photos shown - but is always very carefully thought out and executed well. If there is a specific placement or elastic color you would like - please just leave me a note in the comment section at check out.

All masks are the pleated style, have a nose wire, 3 layers (outside fabric, interfacing, back fabric), and I only use the most comfortable 1/8” elastic. Masks are also able to be worn reversible as I always use a different fabric on the other side. This fabric is usually a solid color or a very small and simple print and 100% cotton or cotton blend.

I have a range of sizes to choose from to help find a great for for everyone!

Youth masks are all about 6.75” wide by 4.25”tall. Please choose your child’s size (not age) when choosing their size mask.
The elastic is longer as the sizes go up -
Youth 3/5 elastic loops are about 5.25”
Youth 6/8 elastic loops are about 5.75”
Youth 9/12 elastic loops are about 6.25”

Teen/Small Adult masks are about 7.75” wide by 4.75” tall and have 6” elastic loops. This is a great size for anyone that finds the standard masks a bit too large or if you prefer a more fitted look.

Women’s, Men’s, and Extra Elastic masks are all about 8.25” wide and 5.25” tall. This is a very standard size mask most makers are using.
The elastic gets longer as you go up a size -
Women’s elastic loops are about 6.25”
Men’s elastic loops are about 6.75”
Extra elastic loops are about 7.25”

XL masks are about 9” wide by 6” tall with 7” loops.

If you are looking for a fabric I don’t have in my shop - send me a message ! I would love to get it for you - if I can ♥️

Still not totally sure which size is right for you ? Try measuring a mask you like and comparing measurements. Also, you can add adjusters to any mask. This is a wonderful way to be sure to find that perfect fit. I will lengthen elastic to about 10” and put the adjusters on for you.

If you prefer a very lightweight mask - I can omit the interfacing inside. Just leave me a note you would like 2 layer masks.

Some masks will have an option for metallic elastic - it’s so fun ! But, it does have a rougher feel than the standard elastic. So, if you have very sensitive skin, I wouldn’t suggest it for you.

Customer satisfaction is very important to me. If you have any questions, concerns, or any issues with your order - please send me a message. I can not accept returns or exchanges for masks due to Covid restrictions - but, I am here to help you & will do whatever I can to make sure you are a happy customer. ♥️

Thank you again for visiting my shop! It has been my privilege to make and donate thousands of high quality masks in great fabrics to ease your mind by keeping you and your family protected. I will continue to do so as long as I am needed!

Stay safe & look cute!

*This product is NOT made for medical purposes. It is designed as a protective barrier for occasional use.
*I do not take any responsibility if customers use this product as a medical grade mask.
*Caution should be taken by people with any breathing difficulties.
*All sales are final - this product cannot be returned or exchanged.
*Product is not suitable for use by children without adult supervision.

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